CVD diamond jewellery in Surat

CVD diamond jewellery in Surat

Leranath Diamonds is a developing firm with cutting-edge expertise and modern creativity combined with innovative workmanship. The extraordinary combination of personnel experience, industrial research and expertise background permits us to produce high-quality CVD grown diamond jewellery. Today, Leranath Diamonds, the CVD diamond jewellery in Surat remain a beacon of innovation, quality, and success. This constant leadership is the result of our remaining true to our objectives.

Bringing back the glory of the purest Type IIa diamonds, but in a new, sustainable avatar is Leranath Diamonds is the first global luxury brand offering CVD diamond jewellery in Surat classified as Type IIa by world-renowned diamond certifying organisations. Similar to the idea of test-tube babies and naturally born babies where the procedure is different but the output is the same, CVD diamonds are real diamonds grown in the labs by exactly replicating the diamond creation procedure which happens below the surface of the earth bearing the same composition, properties and characteristics.
To build a private diamond company based on strong moral values, with business orientation and spirit towards benefit and happiness of everyone.
Leranath Diamonds were founded to be at the forefront of the CVD Diamonds Industry. We have set our vision for long term development in CVD Diamonds as well as gems and Jewellery. Leranath Diamonds one of the CVD diamond jewellery in Surat, provides HPHT loose and certified polished diamonds services and sales to our most respected and trustworthy customers.

Leranath Diamonds, We provide the best CVD diamond jewellery in Surat, bases for rough diamonds and the capability to achieve sales of polished diamonds and finished jewellery at the highest likely downstream level, we are the destination that our clients look out for.

Leranath Diamonds is an occasion of excellence, born above Earth. It undertakes the development of extreme quality CVD Diamonds with an immense capacity of Uneven Growing to Polished Manufacturing.

We, at Leranath Diamonds, provides CVD diamond jewellery in Surat, standby the sustainable capacity to provide all sizes of Type IIA, Conflict-Free and ethically manufactured Loose Polished Lab-Grown Diamonds globally.

We strongly have faith in adding value to its client, we provide CVD diamond jewellery in Surat and therefore we’re continually expanding our base and information in product offering and superiority measures.

We constantly lead ourselves to appraise our performances and expectations and to consistently innovate and integrate the business value chain to provide our customers with the highest level of quality through our products and services.

Each diamond of Leranath jewellery is a Type IIa, the purest form of a diamond, composed of carbon lacking any other chemical impurities. We provide CVD diamond jewellery in Surat. Type IIa diamonds are the most valued and rare kind of diamonds as less than 2% of the world’s natural diamonds are the purest Type IIa. These Type IIa diamonds were extensively supported for their unmatched lustre and brilliance. The world-famous Koh-I-Noor is a Golconda Type IIa diamond. But unlike the natural variety, Leranath Diamonds provides CVD diamond jewellery in Surat, which is grown inside a lab saving the ecology manifold.

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