HPHT Laboratory Grown Diamond in India

HPHT Laboratory Grown Diamond in India

Leranath Diamonds is a reliable and industry leading manufacturer of laboratory grown diamond in India. The diamond company carved a niche for itself to become the best synthetic diamond manufacturer. The amazing features which gemmologists are observing in diamonds, in both laboratory grown and natural, are inclusions.

These are defects within a diamond that are the result of different circumstances during the formation of lab grown and natural diamonds. Nothing can be done regarding the presence of defects in real diamonds when it comes to lab grown ones, diamond manufacturers consistently goal for the highest grade of stones, but at the same time trying to mimic the nature.

As a foremost factory-made diamonds manufacturer, we are known for providing a wide range of CVD and HPHT laboratory grown diamond in India, to our esteemed customers spread across the world. From small loose diamonds through to industrial diamonds, rough diamonds and polished diamonds, we provide them with all. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge in the domain as well as for our high-grade infrastructure.

Our procedure of manufacturing is by crafting, innovation, and sustaining technology which makes us stand apart and tall in the eyes of the users.

Diamonds that delights every user. Surat-based Leranath Diamonds, one of the pioneers in the use of Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and Lab grown diamond in India, has been instrumental in shaping the lab-grown diamonds industry in the country. Leranath Diamonds, the manufacturer of laboratory grown diamond in India.

The reactors for it had been developed indigenously and made completely by Leranath Diamonds and his team, the manufacturer and supplier of HPHT laboratory grown diamond in India. Besides understanding the whole process, she felt she wanted to bring this story to the consumer because she saw a big opportunity in finding a market for diamonds made in labs in India.

Leranath Diamonds, the manufacturer of HPHT laboratory grown diamond in India, launched their lab-grown diamond-studded jewellery brand, the High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) one, which is the predominant technique used in China, uses graphite and a molten metal influx to form a diamond under severe pressure and temperature conditions. With impurities of metal in the diamond, the HPHT diamonds are not the purest they cannot be classified as Type IIa.

Leranath Diamonds, the manufacturer of laboratory grown diamond in India, thrives to provide first-hand solutions to various industrial challenges. We have come up with the system for Lab-Grown Diamonds also known as CVD diamonds and manufacturer of lab grown diamond in India. Our systems are developed with a goal to provide the whole CVD diamond processing systems. These systems are able to perform applications like slicing, coring of the CVD diamonds. These are 4th generation Laser processing systems with integrated in-house built software for Laser beam stability and robotic CNC control specifications.

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